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Emergency Medical Insurance

Giving travellers more choices in medical treatment.

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    Telemedicine and house call options offers more choice to travellers

    If you suddenly get a cold, skin rash, or a migraine while you’re travelling, you may be directed to the nearest urgent care clinic or emergency room at a local hospital for treatment. Getting treatment for these minor ailments may be challenging because you may happen to be waiting on a day where there are more patients than usual. Telemedicine and house call services are two options that can help avoid these challenges by providing medical treatment at your convenience and preferred location.

    What is telemedicine and house call service?

    • Telemedicine allows you to speak with a live doctor via video consult using your mobile device. If you choose to use this service, you would be sent a video link that will connect you with a local doctor.

    • House call service allows you to request a personal visit from a local doctor at your specific location, such as a hotel room or vacation property.

    Based on the medical information and location you provide to CAA Assistance, you may be offered these choices. You aren’t obligated to use telemedicine or house call. You can always go to urgent care or emergency room services if you wish. Available, in most areas, 24-7 from anywhere in the world, these options offer convenience and comfort of on-site medical treatment without having to travel to an outside medical facility.

    In addition to potentially avoiding long wait times in urgent care or emergency rooms, on-site treatment for minor ailments gives you more time to recover in the comfort of your hotel room or personal accommodations and to enjoy the rest of your trip. Telemedicine and house call options are available with travel medical insurance provided by Orion Travel Insurance Company at no extra charge.

    If you need to use your travel medical insurance, find out if these options are available to you.

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