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THiA launches Travellers Bill of Rights

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    In February THiA (Travel Health Insurance Association) launched their Travellers Bill of Rights & Responsibilities. The Bill of Rights & Responsibilities is a valuable tool to ensure that our industry continues to improve the delivery of insurance, assistance and claims management and acts in ways that are more transparent to build consumer confidence in travel insurance. Orion is proud to work in an industry that is committed to the education and well being of Canadian Travellers. This approach is not new to Orion, as we continue to grow and educate our travellers along their journeys. As an active member of THiA, Orion is honored to be able to share their seal.

    The Bill of Rights & Responsibilities is easy for consumers to understand and for the industry to support. It dovetails nicely with THiA’s Golden Rules, adding a fourth to the mix:

    • Know your health

    • Know your trip

    • Know your policy

    • Know your rights

    You can read the full Travellers Bill of Rights and Responsibilities on the THiA website.