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Travel insurance doesn’t need to be complicated.

Video Transcript

We want to make it easier for Canadian travellers to navigate and understand the essentials of travel insurance. We believe that it is important that travellers have the tools to be able to evaluate coverage options and plans and to confidently choose the protection that meets their needs.

That’s why Orion Travel Insurance, a CAA company, has launched an education campaign to break down the fundamentals of what travellers need to know about travel insurance regardless of where or how it is purchased.

Whether you’re headed on a short getaway or an extended vacation, travel and medical insurance helps protect you and your loved ones from the unexpected costs of travel or medical emergencies that may not be covered by provincial health insurance plans. Did you know that over 50 per cent of out of province hospitalizations are due to accidents?

Provincial coverage typically only covers on average only 2.5 to 5 per cent of medical bills and they can be very expensive outside of Canada. Medical costs also differ by country and state in the U.S., so costs can differ depending where you are travelling.

Every policy has different levels of coverage and benefits, eligibility requirements, policy conditions and exclusions. That’s why it is important that travellers understand these fully before leaving their home province.

This new campaign consists of 10 videos and short, easy to understand tips and tricks that will help travellers navigate this important protection option.

The first three videos explain the different types of travel insurance, how to use travel medical insurance and what are the common benefits included in travel medical insurance.

Orion hopes that more proactive education campaigns like this one, will help to ensure that travellers have the protection they need, when they need it. More videos will roll out on the Orion blog in the coming weeks and months.

As a CAA-owned company, Orion Travel Insurance is available through our partnerships with CAA Clubs. Learn more here.