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Emergency Medical Insurance

Why understand your health before you travel?

    For many years your travel plans and routine have been the same. You’re booking now and will be getting ready for take-off or hitting the road with your travel insurance soon.

    Female doctor’s office with male patient a medical gown with a female companion.

    While you’re not required to see a doctor if you want to travel, it’s beneficial to understand your health conditions and history. Why? This information will help you understand how your medical conditions, including any pre-existing conditions, may affect your travel medical insurance coverage. For example, the travel insurance policy may state that pre-existing conditions are covered only if it is stable and have not changed for a specific time frame. The policy’s definition of stable may include no change in medication, new symptoms or medical treatment, among other things.

    The more you understand your own health will also help you answer the medical questionnaire, which you may be asked to complete by the travel insurance company. Answering the medical questionnaire correctly is important. In the event of a claim your personal physician may be contacted to cross-reference your medical records with the medical questionnaire to get a clear picture of your medical condition and history. Discrepancies may affect your travel medical insurance coverage. If you have any questions about your medical conditions, the best resource for answers is your personal physician.

    Keep in mind that every travel medical insurance policy’s exclusions, conditions, and definitions will be different, so it’s important to review and understand the policy before travel. If you have any questions about the policy, contact the travel insurance provider for assistance.

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