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Keep your travel insurance material safe and accessible.

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It seems that more and more countries are requiring travellers to provide proof of travel medical insurance because, in most cases, it’s as a result of unpaid medical bills from tourists.

Having copies of your insurance card and declaration page accessible will make it easier to find them if you’re asked to show proof of travel medical insurance and whenever you need to use it.

Here’s a few tips to keep your travel insurance materials safe and accessible:

  • Keep a copy of your insurance card and declaration page with your passport.

  • Include a copy of the insurance card in your wallet.

  • Take a picture with your smartphone.

  • Leave a copy with your family and/or friends.

To contact your travel insurance provider faster:

  • Add the travel insurance provider’s contact information to your smartphone, including email, toll-free and collect call numbers.

Check to see if you provider has an app and make sure to download it before you go. Having your travel insurance materials and contact information accessible in different formats helps you, your family, friends, and any medical personnel get access to the information needed if you or your travel companion aren’t able to call the travel insurance provider. The provider will ask for your name and policy number, which are on your insurance card. It also has the plan type and start and end dates for coverage. Your declaration page is proof of travel insurance coverage.

Wherever you plan to go check the Travel Advice and Advisories section of the Government of Canada website for entry requirements so you know what you need before you leave home.

Safe travels!

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